Lighthouse Project

social skills & sensory integration

Welcome! Here you can find information about us, our location, and sign up for our unique programs.

We are an Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy Clinic dedicated to providing social skills development; sensory integration and sensory processing interventions; gross and fine motor skills; visual perceptual skills; and speech pathology that focuses on pragmatic language development to children of all ages.

The Lighthouse Project provides a safe and child friendly environment, specializing in clients with sensory integration dysfunction (SID) and processing delays, non-verbal learning disorders (NVLD), Asperger's (AS), high-functioning autism (HF), attention deficits (ADHD and ADD), and developmental delays with motor coordination challenges. The Lighthouse Project will not benefit children with low-functioning cognitive skills or violent behavior, and our programs are unsuited for their unique needs.

Founded in 1998, Lighthouse Project is under the ownership and management of Kohar Enemark MPH, OTR/L, CHES, the clinic director. You can find out more in the About Us section.

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